1812 Manpei Nanba, Shikajiro Nanba, Denjiro Nanba, took over the family business. In Edo period BUNKA 9, Harujiro Nanba parted from his family business. and he established SHINSHUN SHOTEN that was Cotton textiles industry, sales industry of the natural indigo.

Eijiro Nanba renamed SHINSHUN SHOTEN to NANBA SHOTEN. And he began not only Indigo wholesale store and woven fabric wholesale store but also dye industry.

1906 Nobutaro Nanba took over business. And he began to import the chemical dye made in Europe and trade the cotton textiles with China.
1948 The business is temporarily interrupted according to the government order at World War II.. But It returns to the business of sales such as dyestuff, the industrial commodity, and starch along with the abolition of the management order.
1952 NANBA SHOTEN was reorganized into NANBA SANGYO CO.,LTD. And head office was opened in KOJIMA, and office was established in OKAYAMA.
1960 Michihiro Nanba assumed the position of the President and Representative Director.The Okayama office became a branch alone with the progressing the business of the interior material and plastic sales, etc.
1970 It built the branch office in Okayama city South central town.
1973 The office was newly opened in Tokuyama City for the interior material sales business.And the warehouse and delivery center is newly established in Okayama City Shinpo town.
1976 The office is established in Hiroshima City, and the interior material sales Business was begun.
1983 The interior material sales section was separated for another company as SUMIMOE CO.,LTD.
1987 Hiroharu Nanba assumed the position of the President and Representative Director.
1995 SHANGHAI NANBAO GARMENTS&WASHING CO.,LTD was established in Shanghai, and the fiber processing medicine sales and the apparel products processing business are begun.
2001 It cooperated with related companies 'HUANGSHI NANBAO GARMENTS&WASHING CO.,LTD' in China Hubei.
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