Information about SAMPLE TEST
According to Customer's requests, we do some kinds of Sample processing test. Please send the instruction sheet and cloth for test when you request the Sample test. Please fax us the instruction sheet before sending the cloth or products.
In case of the Beaker Test (Color sample Test)
  Please send us the cloth at least the width 120〜140×30 centimeters, corresponding to the number of request color test.
Then, please describe the cloth name (the cloth number) and cloth mixture ratio.
Please direct us the method of dye. For example, 'reactive dye' 'sulfur dye' 'pigment dye'
In case of requesting the color matched test with the combined materials, please describe
the main material and the ratio of each material
We issue the beaker number for each color.
IIn case of the washing processing
  Please describe the content of processing. or send us the hand sample or color sample material, if you have it. 
We make the cylindrical cloth for sample test with cloth you sent, but you can't indicate the sewing yarn. Please send us the specified yarn if you have it.
Please send us the cloth at least width 50×50 centimeters each material, if you need the cloth shrinkage ratio. ( This service is effective only 'cloth' sample test, not products.)
We issue the 'processing number' for each processing.
When you request the same content of processing again, please inform us the beaker or processing number.
Delivery date
We will send it back about a few days later (except for Sat, Sun and holiday)
According to the content of processing, there is a possibility not to be able to satisfy your request date.

It takes 3〜5 days for beaker test.

Because of the uncertain point in the instruction sheet, it might take time for processing.
Please describe clearly in instruction sheet to process smoothly.

Please contact the following call number if you have uncertain point.

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